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Giving Back to My Family

Posted by buck on

The most important thing that I want my children (or anyone reading this for that matter) to take from my experiences growing up poor is to stay humble, modest, and to appreciate the blessings that you have. Even though my family never had any money for the majority of my life, I knew how much they loved us unconditionally and this is something that money could never replace.

Now that I have my career that I feel very comfortable and secure in, I have finally been able to give back to my parents for everything that they have done for me and taught me over the years.

Saying Thank You

My family chose to move here to America when my father finally got back on his feet and life has been amazing for all of us ever since. My parents lives were completely turned around and even though the home they live in now can’t even compare to what we were used to in Buckfastleigh, they are still not rich by any means and their house has needed a lot of work over the years.

Because I know how hard my father worked and tried to make ends meet when I was growing up, I have been saving as much as I could to help them out in every way possible since my graduation. Just like our house, I decided to spoil my parents with a complete home renovation done by actual professionals so that my father wouldn’t have to risk hurting himself trying to fix the problems himself like I know he would have tried to do. We searched through a number of Rockford roofing companies until finding this one and had them show up to my parents house unannounced to do the renovations.

The looks on my parents faces was something that I will never forget and can’t put into words how it felt. It was one of the only times that I can ever remember my dad actually crying which of course immediately brought me to tears as well.

It’s funny how much coming from nothing can make you appreciate things like this in life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.