Living Situation

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For those of you who have kept up or had the time to check out my about page, you know that my family was going through pretty rough times while we lived in Buckfastleigh. My father had lost his job and we really had no choice but to relocate to a cheaper place in a cheaper town which led us there.

Now that I am an adult and have a career and consider myself to be “successful,” I really do love looking back at where I came from and it gives me an entirely new perspective and appreciation for what I have today.

Our House

When I look back and think about it I realize that for the most part, the house we lived in was an absolute disaster. Being a kid and having most of my friends living in similar circumstances I really didn’t realize how poor my family actually was so thankfully it never really effected my everyday life.


We had major plumbing, roof, and yard issues and you better believe that there was no way my parents were spending any money to hire people to come and fix these problems because there simply was no money to be spent on it.

If we had a roof (even a leaky roof) over our head and food on the table then my parents were doing their job but anything more than that was very rare to come by.