Motivation For Today

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Even though times were pretty rough for my family and I when we were living in Buckfastleigh when we were, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world because it really did help shape me into the man that I am today. I didn’t realize it at the time, but having my family go through the struggles that we did was changing my attitude on life itself.

Perspective and Goals

When I reached my teenage years I started to have a better understanding of the situation that my family was in. While I was younger, most of my friends and other kids who went to my school were on the less fortunate side as well so it didn’t seem too out of the ordinary for me but once I started to grow up and see others outside of my small neighborhood I realized how bad our situation really way.

Even though we never had a lot of money and met pretty much every criteria described here to fall under the “poverty line” that isĀ  to buy luxury things like televisions or computers, we always knew that we had each other and made the best of our circumstances.

I don’t remember the exact circumstances that it happened, but there was a moment when I promised myself that I would never allow my future family to fall victim to the situations that my family had fallen into.

Stay tuned to hear more about that next.