My Favorite History As A Kid

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So as you know, I lived in Buckfastleigh from the time I was 7 for about 10 years so obviously the majority of my time there was as a child. Little did I know that what I was observing and taking in would have a major impact on myself and attitude towards life overall later on.

But I will get to that stuff later, for now I’ll talk a little bit more about the history and what I loved as a kid.

William Pengelly Cave Studies Centre

Like most of you out there reading this, I used to love taking field trips in school and the William Pengelly Cave Studies Centre is one that stands out as my favorite.

caveThis centre in Russets Lane, was established in 1962 as a focus for the study of the caves, through educational visits and research, and for the conservation of the cave environment. The focal point at the centre is the Joint-Mitnor Cave which contains the remains of animals that lived here about 100,000 years ago.

These rich bone deposits were laid down during the last inter glacial period. The climate at that time was hotter than now so such animals as hippopotamus, straight tusked elephant, rhinoceros, hyena, bison, cave lion, wild pig and many more could live here. From time to time animals fell down the limestone fissures on the hill into the caves below and died. Gradually a mound of bones, earth and rock built up. As the ages passed, the climate altered and openings into the caves appeared.