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Sometimes I Can’t Help Myself

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Yesterday I talked about what it means to keep your integrity and never forget where you came from. While I really try to apply this mindset to my life as much as I can, I don’t want to come off with a “holier than though” sort of attitude so I figured I would talk a little bit about some things that I do for my kids that I never could have dreamed of as a kid. I have found that we can still spoil our kids every once in a while as long as they understand how fortunate they are.

My Childhood Dream Yard

Besides from a television or video game set, the number one thing that I had always wanted as a kid was a playground or some sort of tree fort in our yard. I was realistic however and knew that this was something that I would only be able to enjoy in my dreams as long as my family were still stuck in Buckfastleigh. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for my neighborhood though as every one of my friends were wishing for the same thing but knew that it was never going to happen.

fortNow that I have children of my own with a steady and secure job, I have sort of been living vicariously through my children. So just like my parents and their newest home renovations, I decided to surprise my kids with what I have always wanted. What my parents were unable to do however, my wife and I are fortunate enough to go through actual professional companies to come and do all of the hard work for us and let me tell you, it is an amazing feeling having come from where I did.

So as soon as my kids were sent off to school, we had a professional landscaping company here at – Top Tree Services to come and clear out our yard to make room for their brand new playground. To make the surprise even better, we waited until the next day to put up the jungle gym while the kids were at school again and made sure to have the camera ready when they got home.

Seeing such excitement on a child’s face is a feeling that only other parents can ever understand.

Making the Best of It

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Now that you have a little bit of information about my living situation and where I came from, I can start talking a little bit about growing up in these situation.

As I am sure most of you can relate to, when you are a kid you tend to make the most of whatever situation is thrown at you regardless of the actual reality of it. This was most certainly the case in my childhood and my friends and I never let our parent’s poor income have a negative toll on our lives.

Lived Outdoors

oldhouseIt might be hard for my children and the younger generations out there to grasp this but we never had a television, computer, or video game system when we were growing up and had to make our own fun.

How did we ever survive???

Well like most kids during those times, we were responsible for making dew with what we had and entertaining ourselves completely technology free. Just like my house, the lawn was a complete disaster and was filled with overgrown grass, rotting trees, and random mounds of dirt all over the place.

One of my favorite things as a kid was playing “war” with my friends and creating our own fortresses and home bases with some of the mess that my yard consisted of.

This was one thing that I was actually thankful for while we were living here and find it fascinating how different my, and others, children could never fathom having to go through life without their computers and smart phones.